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Who we are

KIRSCH supports archery enthusiasts aimed at hunting success.

Why realistic 3D targets?  It’s about the experience.  If you’ve ever shot an arrow, eyed it darting through the open air, driving into the exact point of your most focused ambition for the day, you’ll know why we love the hunt for the life-like Leitold 3D Targets.  It’s an awesome experience.
Leitold 3D Targets are unique, real-life like, with easy arrow pull for the whole family.  They are built for durability to harsh outdoor elements, easy to set-up, with self-healing qualities for long term use by the best of 3D archery clubs and competitions.  Shoot any of the over 140 3D animal targets for yourself – and enjoy the experience.
KIRSCH, LLC is located in Southeast Wisconsin, a central location for North American hunting products coverage.  We are a full-service master distributor of the Leitold 3D Targets supporting North and South America sales, marketing, and master distribution needs.

Why choose us

Key Features of Leitold 3D Targets:

  • Premium hand-made hand-painted targets from the hunting heritage of Austria
  • In-house sculpturing by master taxidermist Leitold Gerhard -> incredibly realistic looks & unique 3D animals
  • Largest range of 3D archery targets (IFAA approved, IBO scoring)
  • Best value for money
  • Available repair foam kits for even longer life of your competition quality 3D targets
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Eggelsberg, Austria